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JB Teaching Brewing ClassThis is a guest post from our buddy JB at Austin Home Brew. John “JB” Brack has been with Austin Homebrew Supply for 10 years, and homebrewing for 17 years. A member of The Austin Zealots homebrew club, JB also enjoys cycling, softball and cooking. JB is an associate editor of Brew Your Own Magazine, and chief instructor for Austin Homebrew Supply’s line of homebrewing and wine making classes.

Austin Homebrew Supply will be hosting a Brew Your Own Magazine (BYO) subscription rally, and local brewers showcase at the store on Saturday, February 11th. The event will feature BYO Magazine editor Chris Colby heading up a subscription rally with special offers only available during this event! We will also have a number of nearby breweries represented at the event. The neighborhood right around Austin Homebrew Supply has blossomed into a haven for production craft breweries and brewpubs in recent years, and we felt is was about time that we got everyone together for an event! Details are being worked out and will be posted to the Austin Homebrew Supply website and Facebook pages as they become available.

If you have never visited Austin Homebrew Supply, you should stop in and see what we are all about. We have all the proper equipment, ingredients and expert advice to help you succeed at creating your very own handcrafted beers, wines, meads, ciders, cheeses and sodas. Known nationally for our excellent service and quality products, we are open 7 days a week. We are located at 9129 Metric Blvd. right behind Pep Boys on the northbound service road of Hwy. 183 at Metric Blvd. Phone 512-300-2739.

You can also view instructional videos, and interviews, etc. at our YouTube page.

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