The Importance of Cleaning Your Draft Beer Components

Cleaning your draft components is crucial. Failure to do so can lead to buildups of yeast, mold, and beer deposits in your lines and ultimately result in funky tasting beer. Although your first cleaning may seem tedious, it gets easier. As long as you know what to clean and what tools to use to clean it, equipment cleaning will become a quick and easy routine you hardly think twice about.

What Components Do I Need to Clean?

  • Faucet(s)
  • Keg Coupler(s)
  • Beer Line(s)

How Do I Clean My Beer Faucets & Couplers?

Using a spanner wrench, disconnect the faucet from the tower and the coupler from the beer hose. After you have done this, thoroughly rinse them in fresh water.

How Do I Clean My Beer Lines?

There are a few different ways you can clean your beer lines. Below, we will highlight the two most common (and recommended) methods of cleaning out your beer lines.

If you are using a hand pump cleaning kit:

Kegerator Hand Pump Cleaning Kit
  1. You must first disconnect the faucet.
  2. Then, pour the cleaning solution into the plastic bottle and connect the provided tubing to both the tower and the plastic bottle.
  3. Next, insert the check ball lifter into the coupler probe (so that liquid will flow through), and then pump the solution from the bottle through the beer system.
  4. Once the plastic bottle has been depleted of cleaning solution, disconnect it, fill it with water, and repeat the same process. This time, you’re flushing the system with fresh water, removing any lingering chemicals.

* Please Note: You’ll need a bucket or drain nearby, so that the solution can flow from the coupler into a receptacle.

If you are using a cleaning can:

Stainless Steel Cleaning Can
  1. First, fill the cleaning can with the line cleaning solution.
  2. Then, using a system valve that matches your coupler (i.e.: A, D, S, M, G, U), tap the cleaning can as if it were a keg.
  3. Next, using the tap handle and faucet, dispense the cleaning solution into a bucket or other receptacle as if it were beer.
  4. Stop dispensing before depleting the solution within your cleaning can, allowing the solution to sit in the beer tubes for at least 5-10 minutes.
  5. After this time has passed, dispense the rest of the cleaning solution.
  6. Disconnect the empty can, fill it with water, and tap the can again. This time, you’re flushing the system with fresh water, removing any lingering chemicals.

* Please Note: You’ll need to place a bucket or other receptacle under the faucet to catch the solution and water.

VIDEO: How to Clean a Kegerator

Now that you have the tools you need, here’s a video that we put together to demonstrate just how easy it is to clean your kegerator and other beer dispensing components.

How Often Should I Clean My Components?

If you’re using your draft system or kegerator at home, it is recommended that you clean your components after each keg. If you’re using your draft system in a restaurant or otherwise commercial setting, you’ll want to follow your state’s guidelines.

Whether you go with a cleaning can or a more manual approach, be sure to keep your beer fresh by keeping your lines clean.

More Cleaning Tips:

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  1. Emily Knox says

    This tutorial is very helpful! What we’re struggling with right now is removing the gas line from the coupler. In the video, it looks easy, but we can’t get it to budge. Is there a specific trick or method for removing (and then reconnecting) that hose?


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