Homebrew Competition

In an effort to learn (even) more about our products and customers, Kegerator.com employees will be attending two “How to Brew Beer” classes hosted by Austin Homebrew Supply in the next few weeks. But since we are a competitive bunch, we just had to turn this learning experience into a contest. So we will also be hosting our first Employee Brewing Contest!

Here is how it works:

  1. Interested employees have been placed in teams of 4-5 people. We have four teams.
  2. Choose what type of beer the team wants to brew.
  3. Team members will attend the first “How to Brew Beer” class.
  4. Teams get together to start brewing within one week of the first class.
  5. Team members will attend the second “How to Brew Beer” class.
  6. Teams complete phase 2 of beer brewing within one week of the second class.
  7. Beer must be ready for tasting by Monday, December 5, and the winners will be announced at our holiday party on Friday, December 9.

Lucky for us, the company will be supplying all of the equipment and ingredients necessary to brew our beer. Aside from attending the classes and actually brewing the beers, the teams are also tasked with documenting the entire experience, so expect to see lots of pictures, videos and posts in the coming weeks updating you on how the competition is going so far. May the best team win!

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