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RECIPE: Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout Clone

As a club, we purchased a 55-gallon bourbon barrel from a local distillery. 11 people made 5-gallon batches to add to the barrel. Your numbers may be significantly different on an individual basis than those listed below. The numbers below represent an average of the 11 batches. This was a great … [Read more...]


How to Calculate Brewhouse Efficiency

Brewhouse efficiency is an important concept to understand. The efficiency of an individual’s brewing practices and system is ultimately responsible for their original gravity and how much grain will be required to brew a given recipe. What is Brewhouse Efficiency? Brewhouse efficiency is a … [Read more...]


Homebrewing 101: Barrel Aging for Beginners

Barrel Aging for Beginners If you have been a part of the craft beer / homebrewing scene for a while, you would know that barrel aging is very much alive and well. Historically speaking, all beers were barrel aged, given that beers were served directly out of wooden barrels and even stored in … [Read more...]

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