4 Ways to Convert a Single Tap Tower to a Double Tap

Kegerator Tower Conversion Kit for Dual Configuration

One of the first changes most people want to make to their kegerator is adding more taps.  This is because a single tap tower is the most popular first purchase.  Fortunately, there are several ways you can turn your single tap tower into a double tap.  If there is enough space for three kegs in your kegerator, it is even possible to convert a single tap into a triple tap.  The key is choosing the best way to accomplish this based upon your budget and level of skill.

1. Ready-Made Conversion Kits

Perhaps the quickest way to convert a single tap tower to a double tap tower is to buy a conversion kit that is put together by the manufacturer or another vendor.  A conversion kit will have everything you need, and will include step-by-step instructions in regards to that specific kit.  This makes it an ideal solution regardless of your technical skills. You won’t be left guessing whether or not you’ve forgotten or left parts out and you won’t be left in the dark on how they all fit together. The only drawback is that these conversion kits can be a little more expensive because of the convenience provided by the seller.

2. Compile Your Own Kit

Another option is to piece together all of the necessary materials on your own.  This is perhaps the most affordable solution; however, it does require a little more planning and technical skill.  There are also numerous considerations you must keep in mind to ensure you buy parts that will work with your current kegerator.

Double Tap Kegerator Tower

You must select a tower, faucets, hoses, hose clamps, coupler(s) and air distributor, and you may also want to invest in a dual product regulator or secondary regulator to maintain different pressures for each keg. If you’re handy and want to save money, this is the option for you!

3. Trade Up

Perhaps the easiest way to “convert” from a single tap tower to a double tap is to simply sell your entire single tap kegerator and purchase one with a double tap tower already installed. This will more than likely require that you invest additional money, but the amount can be minimal if your kegerator is in good shape and you find a good deal on a double tap unit.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about purchasing the right parts, switching them out, and even potentially voiding a manufacturer’s warranty. For these reasons, you may choose to go the “trade up” route.

4. Add an Adapter

Another option is to add a tower adapter to your existing tower. These adapters are typically part of a small kit that attaches to the top of your tower and can include hoses, clamps, faucets and anything else that you may require, Be sure that your tower diameter will accommodate the line(s) that you wish to add. Also, make sure that the tower adapter is the same diameter as your tower. Though, similar to compiling your own kit, you will also need an air distributor or a dual product or secondary regulator.

Tip: Never Skimp on Materials

It doesn’t matter if you choose a conversion kit or decide to do it yourself, it’s important that you never skimp on materials.  Saving money by purchasing plated copper may seem like an easy way to save money, but it brings a lot of long-term problems.  Chrome or stainless steel plated copper wears out comparatively quickly.  Once the degradation process begins, you will be forced to replace the parts because it will dramatically alter the taste of your beer.  Go with stainless steel hardware from the get-go to avoid this.  Plus, weaker materials are more likely to break or collapse during the conversion process.

Sometimes single taps just won’t cut it anymore. Whether it’s because the grass is always greener on the other side or simply because your love of beer has been doubled, consider your four conversion options and choose the one that best suits you.

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