Must-Have Kegerators for Your Summer Parties

In the dead heat of summer, there are few beverages more refreshing than an ice-cold beer. When you’re having a large gathering, though, one of the prime concerns is keeping the beer cool. Consider investing in a kegerator so you can drink cold beer any time and any place.

Koldfront Deluxe Mini Kegerator

The first thing you may ask – what is a kegerator? A kegerator is a unit that stores, refrigerates and dispenses a keg of beer. If the kegerator is utilized properly, a single keg of beer is available to drink for several months at a time. This saves you money over time by cutting back on the need to make return trips to the store. But what kind of kegerator is right for you?

Portable Kegerators

If you’re an active person who likes to bring the party with you, then consider getting the Koldfront deluxe kegerator, which is a portable kegerator that has a lightweight design. This is an ideal solution, as it features the capacity to hold a 5 liter non-pressurized keg with an included tap, so it gives you a quality pour every time. This mini kegerator also features an LCD display, which displays the current temperature of the keg. This allows you full control to adjust the temperature of your keg to your taste.

Full-Sized Kegerators

For those times that impromptu small gatherings occur in your home, Koldfront offers more options in its line of kegerators. These full-sized kegerators are perfect for your home, as they have the capacity to hold a 1/2 barrel keg, assuring that you won’t soon run out of your favorite beer. They feature a cooling capacity that allows the kegs to get as cold as the 30 degrees, meaning every mug you pour is perfectly frosty. These units are also easy to convert into a mini-fridge, making them a versatile addition to any home.

Whatever route you decide to take, rest assured that the kegerator you’ve picked keeps you cool and refreshed by refrigerating your beer to your preferred temperature. Nobody likes warm beer; if you plan to have a large (or even small!) gathering, then consider investing in a kegerator.

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