Blonde Ale: Style Characteristics, Brewing Tips & History

History I could make some joke comparing the short and rather uninspired history and oft considered overly simplified profile of the Blonde ale to the short-of-smarts blonde, subject of so many poor jokes. It could go something like this… how do you confuse a Blonde Ale? Put her between a pale … [Read more...]

Know Your Beer Styles: Schwarzbier

History Black beers have been a major player in not only the revival of the American craft brew scene, but on a wider world stage too. Porters and Stouts are a cornerstone of beer culture, but there’s another black beer, an older, yet far less known inhabitor of this corner of the color spectrum. … [Read more...]

Fruit Beer: Style Characteristics, Brewing Tips & History

History of Fruit Beer Unlike most other styles, fruit beer really has no continuous lineage in the brewing histories. But, new evidence may link the earliest evidence of brewing with fruit beer. A study published in 2004 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences presents 9,000 year … [Read more...]

Know Your Beer Styles: Irish Red Ale

History This is a beer style with limited history. Whether that limit is because some of it has been lost or because it is a relatively new style, not especially sought after in its own country, with a history half buried in that of English bitters, is hard to firmly nail down. There … [Read more...]