RECIPE: Summer Saison

Saison is a beer brewed to be refreshing. The Saison beer style was originally brewed in the cooler months in the southern, French-speaking region of Belgium, known as Wallonia. It was then stored to be served to the farm workers during the warmer months. Historically the beer was lower in … [Read more...]

RECIPE: Hopped-Up Wheat

There are so many variations on American Wheat beer that the only qualification seems to be that you brewed it in America and it has wheat in it. For my money, though, I like to split the malt bill pretty much in half between wheat and barley and to use a nice, clean, yeast, such as White Labs’ WLP … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Lagering

Eventually in every home brewer’s career, they hit a point when they grow tired of brewing only ales and want to try their hand at brewing lager. Unfortunately, challenges with temperature control can make this difficult, but the key to successfully brewing lager is simply knowing when it is okay … [Read more...]

RECIPE: Summer Kölsch

The classic “Hybrid” beer, Kölsch is a German beer style which, to be called Kölsch, must be brewed in one of the 20 or so designated breweries around the Cologne (Köln) area. So, you’re technically going to be brewing a Kölsch-style beer. This beer is called a hybrid beer because it utilizes an … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Choosing the Right Brew Kettle

Other than a beginner equipment kit, the first significant investment most homebrewers make when they take up brewing is their brew kettle. Choosing the right brew kettle is incredibly important. If you choose wisely and maintain the equipment well, your brew kettle can be with you for … [Read more...]