REVIEW: Omission Pale Ale

Quick Characteristics Brewery: Widmer Brother’s Brewing Location: Portland, OR Style: American Pale Ale ABV: 5.8% IBUs: 33 Hops: Cascade, Citra Malts: Pale, Carapils, Dark Munich, Caramel 10 … [Read more...]

6 Common Types of Pale Ale

Pale ale is one of the most popular styles of beer, not just to my taste buds, but all around the world. Made with a greater amount of pale malts, this style is typically lighter in color with a broad range of flavors, bitterness and strength. This style is the brainchild of brewers who desired a … [Read more...]

Craft Beer Club: Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale

I’ve always had respect for Lagunitas. Almost everything they brew is gold in my book. They’ve been at the forefront of the less conventional side of craft brewing, and their expertise truly shows through the beer they produce. They are your prototypical West Coast brewery – inducing flavorful and … [Read more...]