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Look no further, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive information on Kegerators found anywhere online. Our knowledgeable and expert staff test and compare the latest Kegerator features and models so you don’t have to.

What is a Kegerator? A kegerator stores, refrigerates, and dispenses a keg of beer in brewery recommended conditions. One keg of beer can be enjoyed for several months at a time and save you money and trips to the store.


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  • 3 Things to Remember When Storing Draft Beer - As we all probably know, draft beer is a brew that is dispensed from a cask or, in modern times, a kegerator. Because yeast and carbon dioxide influence its characteristics, knowing the right temperature and pressure plays a crucial role in the overall quality and flavor of your beer. Casks and kegs mediate these variables ... Read More
  • 4 Ways to Convert a Single Tap Tower to a Double Tap - One of the first changes most people want to make to their kegerator is adding more taps.  This is because a single tap tower is the most popular first purchase.  Fortunately, there are several ways you can turn your single tap tower into a double tap.  If there is enough space for three kegs in ... Read More
  • Eliminate the Beer Run: The Advantages of Home Draft Beer Systems - Having your very own home draft system is a dream come true for almost every beer geek. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cold, draft beer in the comfort of your living room or backyard. Forget the hassle of opening beer bottles and the excess waste they create. Owning your own kegerator is the perfect ... Read More