Mini Keg Beers for the Mini Kegerator

EdgeStar Mini Kegerator

If you’re a draft beer lover like I am, there is something to be said for bottled beers. The beers they contain are delicious, but something about them being in a bottle just doesn’t taste as good as if they’re poured right from the tap. Unfortunately, most grocery and liquor stores force you to buy the bottles, and there is no way around the fact that you’ll have to drink bottled beer yet again.

That is where the 5 liter keg comes in. It was designed by draft lovers, just like you, to allow you to serve fresh draft beer in your home without having to buy a keg or build a home bar. We love these specialized kegs, but not every beer brand comes in this size. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of a few brands that you will be sure to love on draft. If you’ve had them, try them on draft; if you haven’t had them, then be sure to put them on your grocery list!


heineken mini kegHeineken Lager

As one of the most popular European beer brands, Heineken’s unmistakable look and label has given the beer increased notoriety over the last few decades. This clean-tasting lager is malty and has a nice bite to it, and the most distinctive part of this beer is its “skunky” smell, meaning that the hops really take effect in the aroma of the beer. A good mix of sweet and bitter, this Dutch beer goes down smooth.

ABV: 5%


newcastle mini kegNewcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale is heralded by critics, thanks to its sweet and nutty flavor that seems to please most beer drinkers. Originating from Britain, the brown ale has hints of caramel, a malty taste, and a creamy texture that is easy to drink. The light body also gives this beer a certain quenching aspect that enables you to drink several without getting too full.

ABV: 4.7%


Coors Light Mini KegCoors Light Lager

Coors Light, one of the major American brews enjoyed by millions, is a thirst-quenching beer with a light body for easy consumption. The crystal clear beer features notes of grains and high carbonation, which is great for those who don’t like heavy or dark beers. A crisp finish and clean taste, this beer can be enjoyed by people of different tastes and styles.

ABV: 4.2%


Paulaner Mini KegPaulaner Oktoberfest Marzen Amber

A local favorite in Germany, the Paulaner Oktoberfest was a seasonal beer that was so popular, the brewery decided to brew it year-round. Very malty and sweet, this beer is great for those who don’t like an aggressively bitter taste, and the medium body has hints of bread and butter. Because of the malty taste, this beer goes down smooth and quite easily and leaves a bit of an aftertaste to enjoy.

ABV: 6%


DAB Mini KegDAB Original Lager

The DAB lager is a German pilsner with a very earthy smell and rich golden color. A simple beer, the taste of bread, malt, and hops are the key notes taken away from the taste, while a slight citrusy flavor combines to provide a great aftertaste. The light body allows for it to quench your thirst with ease, while the crisp flavor will leave your taste buds satisfied.

ABV: 5%


Widmer Mini KegWidmer Hefeweizen

This popular American brew is a slight mix between a hefeweizen and a wheat beer, as the taste is wheaty with a mix of a citrus flavor like most wheat beers. The medium body ensures that it will be lighter than wheat beers, but the overall light taste is reminiscent of a hefeweizen. With a malty feel and distinct taste, this hefeweizen will be sure not to disappoint.

ABV: 4.9%


Bell's Oberon Mini KegBell’s Oberon Wheat Ale

A typical wheat beer, Bell’s Oberon has a full wheat taste with a hint of citrus for flavor, as well as a nice, hoppy taste that will mix together well. A sweet, floral aroma entices you to drink more, while the malty texture mixes in with the smells and tastes to create a wonderful drink. The sweet flavor and medium body is great for drinking in the summertime, which is the only time this beer is in stores.

ABV: 5.8%


Rogue Yellow Snow Mini KegRogue Yellow Snow IPA

In the traditional fashion of most IPAs, Rogue Yellow Snow features high notes of hops, but it also has a citrusy bite to it that gives the beer some flavor. Beer drinkers should note that, like most IPAs, the bitterness of the hops in this beer takes over as the main flavor. With a hazy feel and medium body, this beer will quench your thirst as well as fill you up, and the aftertaste has hints of pine and, of course, hop.

ABV: 6.2%


Bitburger Mini KegBitburger Premium Pilsner

This light pilsner hails from Germany, and – as most pilsners – is very golden in color, and features a grainy aroma. However, Bitburger is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to pilsners, as it has a more hoppy flavor than others thanks to its origin. This beer provides a good balance of spice and bitters with malt to give a good, crisp taste.

ABV: 4.8%


Spaten Mini KegSpaten Premium Lager

Originating in Germany, the Spaten Premium lager is an easy beer to drink, thanks to the smooth taste and light body. The grassy, earthy aroma gives a clue to the taste: an herbal taste with a small amount of hops. A malty texture is another feature of this beer, and the balanced flavors make for an overall enjoyable drinking experience.

ABV: 5.2%


Warsteiner Mini KegWarsteiner Premium Verum

As a German pilsner, the Warsteiner Premium has a straw-colored yellow look with a crisp, light taste. The mild hop flavorings do not tend to overshadow the rest of the beer, and a malty sweet flavor tends to carry through the initial taste. A very simplistic but refreshing beer, the carbonation level is not too high, which is great for being able to taste the subtle notes inside.

ABV: 4.8%


Feel free to leave a note in the comments if I missed any!

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  1. Marcia Klock says

    I Want To Purchase These Wonderful German BeEr Mini Kegs, But Can’t Find Them Anywhere. Can They Be Ordered OnLine? OR Can You Tell ME Where To Purchase Them In Southern NJ?

    • Jeff Flowers says

      Hi Marcia,

      Unfortunately, we live down in Texas so I’m not sure what is available to you up in NJ. Try finding a specialty craft beer store or a larger liquor store, and ask the manager if they can special order a mini keg — sometimes called a Bubba — of whatever beer you’d like. It may take a few days to reach you, but they should be able to order it through their distributor.

      Additionally, I’ve seen a few of these mini-kegs popping up in grocery stores, here in Texas. Typically just the Heineken and Newcastle, but they are growing in popularity and being carried by more retailers.

      Good luck and I hope you find it. Cheers!


        • Jeff FlowersJeff Flowers says

          Hi Michelle,

          Thanks for your comment. The mini kegs of beer are becoming more and more popular. Because of this, you will see them showing up in your local grocery stores more. However, the choices will be pretty slim. I know my local HEB has a couple of options available.

          Your best bet would be to go to a large liquor or craft beer store, such as Specs, and ask them if they stock them. If they don’t, ask them if they can order one for you. Most of the time, they will be able to place an order for you in the size of keg you want.

          I would also do a search on Google for “buy kegs of beer in CITY“. This may also give you some ideas on where you can get a mini keg with the type of beer you want.

          I hope this helps. Good luck.


    • Larry says

      Ann, unfortunately they don’t make Shiner in a 5 ltr, best bet is to have a empty keg refilled at A keg store.

  2. Jordan says

    Hey Jeff,

    It sounds like you’re in Houston (where I am too)…have you found a specific spot that carries a few options around town? I’m going to take your advice on the HEB since I live near the one off I-10 and Bunker Hill…but I had already checked with the Spec’s near me and they don’t carry them. (I’ll take your advice going forward and see if I could convince the manager to order me a couple at a time)

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Eddie says

    My wife was sweet one day, (she’s always sweet) and bought me the Krupp brand of kegerator. Unfortunately only 3 different brands works. Heineken, Heineken Lite, and Newcastle Brown. Wished she got me this one. Love some of the other beers you can use. Plus after 3 years, it stopped working.

  4. Alyssa says

    My husband bought an EdgeStar and the only beers we can get in our area of the 5.0 L mini keg is Heineken and Newcastle. We’ve searched every grocery store, beer distributor and liquor store and NONE of them carry Coors Light (nor did any of them offer to carry it). It’s quite frustrating as we are NOT Heineken fans and I do not like the dark ale of New Castle at all. Does anyone know how I can get some Coors Light mini kegs to Chautauqua County, NY?

  5. says

    I dunno about to you guys but I’m in california and we have bevmo. They have a great selection of beet and kegs that I’ve just started to buy and experiment with. If anyone has any of these stores in their area, I would say give them a try. Big selection and I took home a mini keg of dab recently. It was great. Only around $16 and lasted long. Hell, I love beer and had to kill it at the end. Just some advice, even though I’m new with mini kegs myself, get the german shit that costs about the same as the heineken or newcastle (usually less most likely) because it will be better trust me and mini kegs can last long. Got some dab and it it was pretty good for only atpu d 15$!!!! I took care of it like a baby, didn’t shake it, and kept in intact in my fridge to get ice cold till I decided to get a get-together and man everyone loved it, and it lasted long!! Enjoy life, cheers!!!

    • says

      Sorry my smartphone sucks but don’t fall for more expensive brews like heine and newcastle in mini kegs unless that’s all you can get. That stuff and every other thing only costs too much for what it’s worth is usually because of advertisement. Stick to localbrew and that goodgerman shit. They keep it more clean, pure, full-bodies, I mean they keep strict laws in their beer

  6. Kim says

    Does anyone know of a gluten free beer that comes in a 5L mini keg? If so, where can I find it?


  7. Byron Ames says

    Question are all the beers on your list pre charged? My Co2 cartridges will not hold a seal. Has any one converted the regulator on a kegerator to a remote large C02 bottle ?

  8. Peter Johnson says

    I have an EdgeStar Kegerator and it is great. My question is, do the beers listed above that have their own taps at the bottom (i.e. – Spaten) work in the EdgeStar with CO2?

    Thanks, Pete

  9. David Reynolds says

    I live in North Carolina and it is one of a few states that will allow alcoholic beverages to be shipped to an adult resident in the state, but I’m still having trouble finding someone who will ship to me. I have bought from Half Time before, but they have stopped taking orders over the web. The local stores offer only a limited selection – help!!

  10. Mateo says

    I see a lot of comments out there about not being able to find these anywhere. I agree, they are hard to find. This is why I decided to start my own home brewing hobby. This thing is great, but the limited selection was unfortunate. So why not turn lemons into . . . . well, beer! that’s what I did, and now the options are endless, I’m just re-using the mini-kegs I saved (glad I did. Figured I would keep them only as novelty, nice to put them to use!).

  11. Royston Huxtable says

    I am looking for where I can purchase the fitment that sits on top of the unpressurised 5 litre mini keg so that can use beers such as Warsteiner etc. in my worktop cooler dispenser. Anyone have any ideas, as the sellers of the dispensers do not seem to do the parts for them.

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