Meet Dave: The $2000 Bottle of Beer

Dave The Beer

Earlier today, the owner and brewmaster at Hair of the Dog Brewing Company announced via Twitter the exclusive sale of bottles of Dave, a special reserve ale, at their brewery in Portland. And acquiring a 12oz bottle of Dave won’t be cheap. It’s price tag is a very reasonable $2,000, or $166.66 per ounce. All the proceeds will go to Guide Dogs for the Blind, a non-profit charity that has been helping the blind and visually impaired since 1942.

Dave is one of the most elusive brews in the American craft beer scene. Weighing in at 29% ABV, this barleywine was made back in 1994. As the story goes, three hundred gallons of Dave was produced and then put away in a freezer. Over the last two decades, it was presumably defrosted and re-freezed three times which reduced its overall volume to less than 100 gallons. What was left is now being bottled and sold.

A Few Facts About Dave

According to Beer Advocate, Dave won first place at the Toronado Barley Wine Festival back in 1998. The users of BA rate Dave at an ‘outstanding’ 94.

Back in November 2012, Hair of the Dog auctioned off two bottles of Dave. Starting bids were set at a measly $1,400 a bottle, with one eventually selling for $2,368.73 and the other selling for $2156.83.

So, the question remains… anybody interested in going in on a bottle with me?

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